Do you provide domain registration service or where can I register my domain?
Yes, we currently provide domain registration, we will register your for just RM55.00 per year as we are a accredited registrant with FREE Managed DNS, FREE Domain Forwarding and FREE privacy protection. Please vist our domain page for more information.

Can i transfer my domain name to you?
Absolutely! Just enter your domain name on our order form and choose to transfer to us. We will take care the rest.

Paypal Payment: We also accept payment via Paypal as we are a Verified Member. Please note, we only accept verified member.

How long does it take to get my login details for my account if i pay via Paypal?
Normally within 2-6 hours (within business hours) after we receive your full payment.

Can I order online without using a credit card?

Yes, you can purchase our hosting plans (services) using Maybank2U. This is recommend for malaysians who does not own a credit card. Once you transfer your order through Maybank2U, please send us an email with proof of payment and we will setup your order within 1 hour. See our payment guide for our Maybank Account Information.

I'd rather not order online, how can I place my order? (Local clients only)
As a malaysia web hosting company, to place your order offline, you can bank-in through any Maybank Berhad branches via ATM or using a Payslip (Teller Counter). Once you've done that, please contact us and we will verify your payment and setup your account within 1 hour.

Am I able to have more than one domain under your plan?
Yes, please visit our respective hosting plans for more information.

Do you have a price-freeze (fixed price) guarantee?
We do have a price freeze guarantee. The price you signed up for will be the price you pay for the entire length of time you are signed up with us, as long as you continually renew your contract.

What happen if i wanted to downgrade my account from yearly payment to monthly payment?
A fee of RM5.00 will be apply for the downgrade.

What if i want to downgrade from Reseller to Shared or from RSH02 to WNS01, are there any fees will be apply?
No. Downgrade fees will only be charge to your account if you wish to downgrade from a yearly to monthly payment.

What happen if WNS Hosting upgrade hosting plans after I have ordered?
You will also be benefited with the upgrade.

Are there any hidden costs or do I just pay the subscription payment as stated?
No, all you have to pay is your subscription payment depends on the plan you signed up with.

Can I upgrade my plan at any time?
Yes, you can upgrade your plan any time at no charge except WNS are running a new promotions or new plans for new signups plan.

What if im late for my payment? Do WNS suspended my site immediately?
We are very flexible when comes to billing. We will send an invoice every 30th to 1st of every month to our customers due date and remind them 3 days before. We will always follow up with you and give you an opportunity to make your account current. We understand that such events happen. As long as you communicate with us and are responsive, we will be as well.

How long do you response for technical support?
Any request for technical support will be handled by our staff as quickly as possible. We aim to have a response to any request for support within 60 minutes but it depends on the issues that occured as sometimes it takes more than 3-6 hours to fully solve the issue.

Do you offer phone support?
No. All hosting support are through email and our Customer Support Portal - Helpdesk. We like all support requests to be documented for future reference.

How do I transfer files to my web-page?
You using FrontPage go on publish , type in your web address user name and password. We have install on every Web server FrontPage extensions the upload process go automatically. For any other Program you have to use FTP. (direct your FTP Program to the folder "public_html") this is your web server root

Do you offer ASP or JSP support?
Not at the moment.

Do your servers support PERL, PHP and MySQL?
Yes, we support all the above for our Linux Servers.

Do you offer SSH in your hosting plans?
No we dont give SSH access.

Do you support Frontpage Extensions?
Yes, we do support Frontpage Extentions for all plans.

Can I setup a 3rd level domain? (e.g.
Yes, you can setup a third level domain name such as The packages are the same as the one posted for normal domains, the advantage to these is InterNIC registration is not needed. This means no InterNIC registration fees.

Is my web-page accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
You have unlimited access via FTP or FrontPage 24-hours a day. As such, you can create and maintain your web pages on your own computer and upload files to your web site at your leisure.

Can I get additional disk-space or data transfer?
Yes, you can purchase extra space for our shared hosting plans. Please visit our respective hosting plans page for more information

What about your Reseller Plans? How does it works?
A reseller is a person who bills and supports their own web hosting clients. You can resell your hosting plans at any price you wish.

Can i have a dedicated ip for my shares webhosting account?
We only provide dedicated ip for clients that purchase a SSL Certificate for all of our Shared and Reseller Hosting Plans. For VPS customers, you may contact us to purchase block of IP's.

Do you provide SSL Certificate?
Yes, you can purchase with us. Please visit our SSL Cert page for more information..

How can i order SSL Certificate?
You can submit a ticket at our Customer Support Portal - Helpdesk for more information regarding this issue.

If I only need a secure folder without buying the Certificate? Its that possible?
No. We do not provide shared SSL, you will have to purchase your own SSL certificate and we will install it for you.

How much is the installation fee for SSL?
Its RM100.00 per domain.

Do I have my own Control Panel to manage my account such as emails, subdomains, stats, phpmyadmin?
Yes, you will be provided Cpanel Control Panel and WHM for your clients, one of the most popular control panel out there.

Where are your servers located?
Our Network Operations is managed out of:

  • Netmyne, TM Malaysia.
  • MyLOCA , TM Malaysia

What about your server performance?
All servers run the latest software patches available, and we have a staff member dedicated to constantly monitoring the environment for all latest software patches, updates, security, and any new vulnerabilities this also include our reseller servers.

Do you maintain backup of my data?
Yes, we provide daily and weekly backups of your home and WWW directories. However, we encourage you to do a backup of your own for we cannot guarantee 100% backups on our server.

What are your server specifications?
Servers are all Intel Quad Processors with high-speed SCSI or IDE drives. The operating system is Red Hat Linux running Apache Web Server.

Do you own the server or a reseller?
We have our own servers.

Is your uptime guaranteed?
Historically we have had a majority of 100% uptime on all our servers.

What happened if your uptime is below 99.90% for your servers?
Basically if service availability falls below the minimum acceptable levels as above, clients are eligible for a credit to their account.

What the amount and how do you credit to your customers account?
The amount credited to the client's account is dependent on how far below the minimum acceptable standard the availability was for the given month. For every hour that the services are unavailable below the minimum standard, WNS will credit the equivalent of 1 day worth of service fees to the client's account. The maximum credit is 7 days worth of service fees. Please visit our Terms Of Services (TOS) and Acceptable Use Of Policy (AUP) page for more information.

Is the uptime include the uptime of your network?
No! Our uptime only for our servers. As we are only a hosting provider where our main function is providing hosting (Web, email, application, etc). Therefore the uptime for our network are excluded.

Will you host Warez sites?
No! We will not host any site of this kind.

Can I have Mp3 sites?
You can not have dedicated MP3 download sites.

Can I host an adult site?
No, we don't host adult sites.

Do you ban any forums from your server and why?
Yes! We banned certain forums such as:

UBB 5 & 6 - Ultimate.cgi & Ultimatebb.cgi
Ikonboard - Ikonboard.cgi
ALL IRC related material

All of the forums above are banned because they are resource hogs. ALL IRC related material is strictly prohibited unless authorized by us. If you wish to run and IRC server/client or BNC don't even bother asking as that will never be allowed. Notice: The reason for these rules is that many accounts are hosted on a server in a shared environment. Therefore we can't allow a few clients to use all the system resources so that all other clients suffers because of it.

Do you provide FREE shopping carts?
Yes, we have shopping carts pre-installed on all servers, just one click to install.

Do you support the ability to host other sites using sub-domains?
Yes, we do.

Do you support mailing lists?
Yes, we do.

** Please contact us if you have any additional questions.



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